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How to choose the right cage/ habitat for your small animal

You must first decide how much space you have available for your small animal or pet bird. Once you have done this, we recommend looking at a few possible habitats you like and then checking the measurements of those you have selected. For example, if you choose a CritterTrail habitat you could then see the dimensions it provides in the item description. Then with a piece of large paper or a sheet of newspaper, cut out a section the same size as your habitat and place it in the area you will be keeping your new pet. Don’t forget to make sure you also have the right food for your new pet.

Can I obtain parts for my CritterTrail?
Which accessory kit is suitable for my cage?
Can I clean the cage in the dishwasher?
How do I prevent unwanted chewing?


Outdoor and Indoor Heated Products

How can I test my pet's heated pad?

Please test the pad by placing a large pillow on top of the pad.  After about 15 minutes, feel under the pillow. It will feel warm, not hot.  DO NOT use an extension cord during this test.  DO NOT place anything on the pad (other than the fleece cover provided) any other time. This should only be done during testing.

How do your outdoor heated pads work?
Does a higher wattage rating make the bed any warmer?
Is it okay to place straw or wood shavings on top of my pet's heated pad?
Is it okay to place an outdoor heated bed or pad on top of my dog's current bed?
What type of extension cord should I use?
Does the Pet Bed Warmer need to be placed inside a pet bed?