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  • CritterTrail Cages

    • Can I obtain parts for my CritterTrail?

      Superpet do not supply us with all components for all their cages. If you found the product to be damaged immediately after purchase, please refer back to your retailer. We are however, able to supply some spares for the Discovery Cages.

    • Which accessory kit is suitable for my cage?

      All the CritterTrail accessories are suitable for any CritterTrail homes. Please refer to our store locator for your nearest retailer.

    • Can I clean the cage in the dishwasher?

      The cages should not be washed in a dishwasher. To clean, wash under warm water using a mild, non toxic detergent and rinse thoroughly. Check for wear whilst cleaning.

    • How do I prevent unwanted chewing?

      All small pets have natural chewing instincts. We would recommend purchasing chews from our range, eg Ka-Bobs, so that your pet diverts his attention elsewhere! To prevent boredom, make sure you offer your pet a variety of different shapes and sizes. Refer to our store locator for your nearest retailer.

  • Superpet General

    • Where can I buy your products?

      Use our online store locator to find your nearest stockist.

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