Kent Marine Customer Care – How can we help you?

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    • Where can I buy your products?

      Use our online store locator to find your nearest stockist.

  • Bio Reef Tank

    • I cannot get the hosing on the pump to stay in place

      You could try removing the plate from the pump and then connecting the hosing. Once water is then added to the tank, the pump will stay in place.

    • How much salt do I need to use in the tank?

      For perfect specific gravity and salinity, 3.29kg of Kent Salt needs to be added.

    • Why does my Kent Bio Reef not have a back bracket for the skimmer?

      We apologise for any confusion caused, as we are aware that some instructions state that there is a back bracket.  However, the back bracket will not fit in the Kent Bio Reef tank; it is for use with the skimmer individually and is therefore not supplied with the Bio Reef tank.

    • My aquarium light cover has got salt creep all over it. How can I remove it?

      Salt creep is a common problem for saltwater and freshwater aquarists alike.  As sodium chloride is a corrosive substance, it can affect anything it touches.  To what degree of damage occurs primarily depends on how long an item is exposed to salt and based on what type of material, with which it comes into contact.  To lessen and slow down the effects of salt creep, it is necessary to clean it off regularly and take steps to prevent unnecessary damage to anything near to the aquarium.

    • How can I stop my collection cup from overflowing?

      When a skimmer is installed or the tank has recently been cleaned, there will not be protein in the aquarium to remove.  As a result the skimmer effectively ‘over-skims’ and it is possible that the collection cup will overflow.  It is also possible that tiny bubbles will be visible.  To overcome these difficulties we would recommend the air supply is turned to its lowest setting, or the skimmer is turned off until such times as the protein levels increase.  Once protein is present, the skimmer will operate effectively.

    • The Wave Marker in my Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium is noisy.

      It may be that the unit has an air lock. We would recommend the unit is turned off, fully submerged in the water and shaken upside down to remove the lock.

    • What lamps are required for my Kent Marine Bio Reef?

      The bulbs you require are the Reef Daylight T5 36W (product code 51389) and the Blue Moonlight T5 36w (product code 51398).

    • What are the measurements of the pipe work for my Kent Marine Bio Reef?

      Inside diameter of 10mm. Outside diameter of 16mm.

  • Treatments

    • Are the treatments in UK or US gallons?

      The Kent Marine range of products is in US gallons.

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