Interpet Customer Care – How can we help you?

  • Aquarium Décor

    • What décor is available?

      Visit our product catalogue to see the range or ask your local retailer.

    • What is the décor made from?

      They are made from non-toxic poly resin.

  • Fish Food & Feeding

    • How much food should I give to my fish?

      You should only feed as much as your fish will consume in 2-3 minutes.  Uneaten food should be removed from the aquarium to reduce the build-up of waste.

    • How can I programme the Auto Feeder?

      Please see the instructions in our downloads section.

  • Gold – Gold Fish Range

    • Can I use all the Gold treatments together?

      Yes, because only one is a 'medication'.

  • Aquarium Lighting

    • Why are there different types of lamps?

      Plants have a different light requirement to corals for example, so it is important that the aquarium has the correct lighting to ensure great results!

    • Should I replace my lamp before it fails?

      We recommend replacing lamps every 12 months as the light output will slowly deteriorate over time.

    • Can I use a bulb with a higher wattage rating in my Starter Unit?

      No.  You must only use a bulb where the wattage has the same or a lower rating than that of the Starter Unit.

    • What is the temperature of the LED strip light?

      The surface running temperature of the LED strip light is 46.5°C.  This compares to 43.5°C for a T8 lamp and 53°C for a T5 lamp.

  • Aquarium Heating

    • What size heater should I buy for my aquarium?

      It is important to have the correct wattage for the size of aquarium and you should be use the guide on the packaging.  If the aquarium is in a particularly cold area, then select the next highest wattage.  If the aquarium is particularly large, it is better to have two heaters located at either end of the aquarium (adding up to the total recommended wattage), to ensure even heat throughout the aquarium.

    • Why has my heater got condensation inside it?

      Condensation can occur at manufacturing stage, due to the humidity of the environment, in which the heaters are produced, but this does not in any way affect the performance of the heater, nor is it a safety issue.

    • Can I use a Deltatherm heater in a terrarium?

      As it is important that the heater is positioned diagonally and fully submerged in water, it is unlikely that it would be suitable for the depth of water in a terrarium.

  • Aquarium Filtration

    • Should I remove all filtration media when using treatments?

      No, you only need to remove the carbon filter (black) and return it after the end of the course of treatment.  Other sponges and/or bio-media can remain in the filter during treatments.

    • Why would my filter become noisy?

      If you are using the venturi, then there will be some noise from the air being drawn in and forced into the water flow under pressure.  You can turn the venturi down.

      The impeller should be removed and cleaned.  If the impeller is damaged in any way, it should be replaced.

    • Why would the flow rate drop in my filter?

      There may be a blockage, so the filter should be checked for this.  If the filter foams may need cleaning - squeeze them gently in old aquarium water to remove waste.  Also if they have lost shape, they may need replacing.

    • Why would the air flow drop from my air pump?

      You should ensure that the airline has no 'kinks' and is not blocked.  It may be that the diaphragm in the pump has worn.  This can easily be replaced with a spares kit, which contains all the consumable parts in the air pump.  We recommend servicing the pump annually.

    • Can I buy replacement black rubber grommets for my PF filter impellor?

      These are included with the replacement impellor.

    • Why do the bubbles keep starting and stopping in my Power Filter?

      The bubbles are created by the venturi, an additional feature of the filter.  The lower the unit sits in the water, the harder it is for it to pull air into the filter, which will reduce the presence of the bubbles.  It is also important that the venturi isn't blocked.  The circulation of water through the filter will naturally introduce oxygen into the water.  If you wish to increase the oxygen level, you can also direct the flow deflector towards the surface of the water.

    • I'm having difficulty attaching the suckers of my Power Filter to my aquarium.

      If there is any grease on the glass, this can stop the suckers from adhering initially.  Often, in a new tank, slime will build up initially, which also affects the suckers.  We recommend cleaning the glass and then run hot water on the suckers before pressing firmly on the glass area, where you wish to have your pump.

    • Are replacement suckers available for the CF Cartridge Filters?

      We can confirm that replacement suckers are available to order from your retailer. The product code is 2206. Please note that these suckers are for use with both the PF and CF filters.

  • Aquariums

    • How can I clean my aquarium light cover? It has gone cloudy?

      We would recommend using a cloth and vinegar to clean the area.  We do not recommend using any household cleaning products as they may be harmful to the fish, or using any abrasive product, which may damage the surface.

    • How do I stop condensation in my aquarium hood?

      At some time, all aquariums are likely to have condensation in the hood and this is something that cannot be completely eliminated.  However, if the problem persists there are a few ways in which it can be minimised:

      • Ensure there is not a big difference between the room temperature and the water      temperature.
      • Before opening the hood, turn on the lights, which will dry out the condensation after a period of time.
      • Ensure that the condensation tray is correctly sited.

    • River Reef

      • Which lights are supplied in the River Reef aquariums?

        The River Reef aquariums are now supplied with 2 Daylight light tubes.  Alternative light tubes can be purchased from your local aquatic retailer.  Please see our Store Locator for assistance.

      • Is there an upgrade available so I can fit a skimmer in the MK1 River Reef 50 tank?

        Yes, we have a weir available that can be fitted to allow a skimmer to be used.  Please contact our Customer Care department.

      • How do I fit new fans in the hood of my River Reef?

        Instructions are available in our downloads section.

      • Can I use a dimmer switch on the River Reef system?

        We would not recommend this.

      • Do I need to remove the black media balls from the mesh bag supplied with the River Reef?

        The media can stay in the mesh bag as this will make cleaning much easier.

      • Where can I get hold of a weir for my River Reef?

        These are available for the RR94 models only and are available from our Customer Care department.

      • How do I remove the Power Hub on my River Reef LED Aquarium?

        The hub is glued in with silicone to keep it in position but it can be popped off by simply using a flat head screw driver.

      • Where can I purchase a Micro Skimmer for my River Reef LED 48l Aquarium?

        The Micro Skimmer is not yet available. 

    • Fish Pod Aquariums

      • Which filters are supplied in the Fish Pod aquariums?

        The FP48 is supplied with a PF1, the FP64 with a PF2 and the FP120 with a PF3.

      • How do I stop water overflowing from my Fish Pod Moon?

        The most likely reason is that the media chamber is blocked with debris resulting in the water being unable to flow through the chamber.  This causes the water to back-up inside the chamber and then overflow.  To eliminate this issue, we would suggest treating the aquarium with Sludge Buster.  This product works by reducing the organic matter in the media chamber, so that the water can flow freely though.

      • How do I remove my Fish Pod/Box hood?

        We would advise that once all screws are removed the hood should be placed at a 45 degree angle and pulled forward for removal.

  • General Aquarium

    • How do I work out the volume of my aquarium?

      The length x depth x width in metres, multiplied by 1000 will give the volume in litres. The length x depth x width in feet, multiplied by 6.23 will give the volume in gallons. Alternatively please use the Interpet Calculator

    • Where can I buy your products?

      Use our online store locator to find your nearest stockist.

    • How can I get hold of parts for my unit, which were missing from the box when I purchased it?

      You will need to return the unit to your retailer and they should be able to assist you further.

    • Where can I buy spare parts?

      Use our online store locator to find your nearest stockist, who may be able to supply or order for you.  Alternatively, visit


  • Aquarium Aeration

    • Air Pumps

      • Why does my air pump produce too many bubbles?

        The unit might to be powerful for your size aquarium. You can fit an Air Valve which will reduce the flow.

      • Why is my air pump suddenly noisy?

        Check that the unit is not vibrating against something as this is often the cause. Check that the diaphragm is not damaged - if it is, then you can buy a spares kit, which contains everything needed to maintain the pump.

      • What is a check valve?

        A check valve is fitted in the silicone airline and allows air to flow freely to the aquarium, but prevents water siphoning back into the pump if there is an electrical power failure.

      • Why has the output from my Air Pump decreased?

        The Air Filter could be blocked or the flappers and/or the diaphragms damaged.  The Complete Spares Kit contains all the parts you are likely to need.

      • Why is the output of my Air Pump still low, even though I've replaced all the parts supplied in the Complete Spares Kit?

        Check the airline and airstones for any blockages or damage. 

  • Aquarium Water Treatments & Medication

    • Water quality treatments

      • Why has the water not cleared after using Greenaway?

        The PH must be between 6.5 & 8.5 for Green Away to be effective. Test the pH by using a Interpet Easy Test Kit. Once you have the result, you can then use either the Interpet Easy Adjust pH Up or Easy Adjust pH Down.

      • Can I use more than two products together?

        Yes, you can only use ONE medication at any one time. Any of the water quality treatments can be used at the same time and/or with one medication.

      • Why would the water turn cloudy after using Filter Aid?

        This could be due to an algae bloom. Check the nitrate levels in the water by using an Interpet Easy Test Kit. You could also reduce the length of time that the lights are switched on in the aquarium and only feed the fish once a day. The cloudiness will dissipate over a few days.

      • When can I re-dose?

        Interpet Treatment Nos 5, 6, 9 and 13 - after 4 days; all others after 7 days. We do suggest that you carry out 30% water change first and then re-dose.

      • Do I have to remove the carbon?

        Carbon does not need to be removed when using any of the water quality treatments.

      • How much Bioactive Tap Safe do I need?

        1ml of Bio Active Tap Safe treats 10ml of water.

    • Medication

      • My child/pet has swallowed/eaten a medication. What should I do?

        If your child or animal has eaten or swallowed a product, you should take ONE of the following actions immediately: Telephone 999 and seek advice or go directly to your nearest A&E department, taking the product with you or directly to your doctor or vet, again taking the product with you.

      • Can I use a medication with shrimps?

        Many shrimps are sensitive to certain ingredients and therefore should be removed and be returned 7 days after the first dose.

      • Can I use more than two medications together?

        No, you must not mix medications together. However, you can use any ONE medication with any number of water quality treatments.

      • Why has Anti White Spot/Methylene blue dyed my tank?

        This product is dye based and will permanently dye any porous of silicone material in the tank. You may wish to remove any ornaments before dosing.

      • Can I use with baby fish?

        The treatments can be used but we do suggest at 50% of the recommended dose.

      • When can I re-dose?

        Nos 5, 9 and 13 - after 4 days; all others after 7 days. We do suggest that you carry out 30% water change first and then re-dose.

      • Do I have to remove the carbon?

        Yes, otherwise the carbon will remove the treatment from the water within a couple of hours.

      • When do I replace the carbon?

        The carbon can be replaced 7 days after the last dose of treatment has been added to the aquarium.

      • How often do I need to renew the carbon?

        Every eight weeks.

  • Aquarium Test & Maintenance

    • Aqualibrium

      • What's the difference between Aqualibrium and Aqua Tonic Salt?

        The only difference between the two products is that Aqualibrium prevents the pH from changing dramatically, which can stress the fish.  

      • Why is the dose different when using Swimbadder medication?

        It is not necessary to use as much Aqualibrium when using this treatment. The correct dose is detailed on the bottle label.

      • Why do I need to use Aqualibrium?

        Aqualibrium assists in safeguarding against fish diseases. It stabilises the water conditions including the pH. It can be used as a general tonic, to reduce stress and as a supportive measure when treating for diseases.

      • Can I use aquarium salt whilst using a treatment or medication?

        We recommend the use of aquarium salt whilst using any treatment or medication as it helps to calm the fish whilst the treatment is being carried out.

    • Anti Hair Algae

      • How soon can the carbon filter be returned to the tank?

        The carbon filter can be returned to the tank 7 days after the product has been added.

    • Nitrasafe

      • How can the sachet of Nitrasafe be re-charged?

        Please view our Interpet download section for the re-charging instructions

      • Why can I leave my Nitrasafe sachet in my aquarium when I treat with a medication? Won't it remove the medication?

        Nitrasafe would, over time, be capable of removing some medications from the water, although not as effectively as carbon and zeolite.  Both carbon and zeolite will remove medications within an hour or so; it is for this reason that we recommend their removal when treating the fish with a medication.  Nitrasafe would only remove dye-based medications and even then, not do this very quickly.  It is therefore not so critical to remove it and it is also not as commonly used as zeolite or, indeed, carbon, which is commonly found in filter systems.

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