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The much awaited new style Liberty Mains Free Water Features are now available at your local aquatic retailers. The range offers a selection of beautiful moving water designs requiring no cables and no plumbing. The Liberty Mains Free concept is being acclaimed as a major UK breakthrough.

2 tier tulip fountain featureThe new Liberty water features include wall and free standing designs, all quick and easy to install, and incorporate several new and unique aspects that will appeal to all ages and sit perfectly in any garden.

How it works
Key is the small, quiet and mains- free water pump powered by a rechargable lithium battery technology which gives many hours of continuous use from one charge, yet recharges in just three hours. The fountains can be operated by a remote control timer, and along with a number of settings there is also a solar upgrade, if desired, to run and recharge the battery.

Adding the Solar Panel
Unlike traditional solar features, if running with the solar panel, the Liberty feature continues to be powered primarily from the long-lasting battery, with the solar panel functioning as a charger. So, no power interruptions when the sun goes behind a cloud, because the battery is doing all the work.

Beautiful styles
There is a wide choice of designs in the new Liberty range, from Romanesque and traditional styling to quaint or mystical (including a delightful flower fairy bowl) and clean lined contemporary designs;and the entire display is set off with stunning LED lighting that makes the water feature stand out at any time of day, all year round.

lion wall fountain featurePonds aren’t always an option for people, but we all know that water transforms a lovely garden into a haven of real peace and beauty. Now, thanks to Liberty Mains Free, many more people across the UK will be able to benefit from the sight and sounds of flowing water in their gardens.

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