Mighty Mutts, PetLove’s new toy with a Chew-Proof Guarantee

Pet Love introduce Mighty Mutts, the chew proof dog toy with a 3 year guarantee

Pet Love is proud to introduce a new breed of chew proof dog toy, Mighty Mutts. Mighty Mutts offers a new range of 8 durable toys made from a revolutionary material with a 3 year chew proof guarantee. Built of heavy weight rubber, Mighty Mutts are perfect for any aggressive chewers who destroy their toys in minutes. Prices start from £3.49.

Mighty Mutts provides a choice of 8 products including 4 different shapes (ball, bone, tri-bone and s-bone) and a range of 3 sizes to suit all dogs (small: for dogs 6-15kg; medium: for dogs 13.5-27kg; and large: for dogs 27-40kg). The design of the Mighty Mutts toy is built not only to last, but to keep your dog entertained. Each product has a hollow centre making them ideal for filling with your pets’ favourite treats; and is made to float so are the perfect toy for playing fetch.



Mighty Mutts toys also include a 3 year guarantee. “We have real confidence in the strength of our products and we want our customers to feel the same. Mighty Mutts offer a great solution for dog owners who struggle with the aggressive chewing of their pets and it is a solution that will last” says Harry Scott of Pet Love. Whether your dog is a Chihuahua, Spaniel or Rottweiler they will be able to chew this toy to their hearts content without any worry of having to replace it the next day. The full terms and conditions of the guarantee can be found here.

The tough structure of the toys creates a perfect chewing experience for your dog. With 4 different shapes Mighty Mutts will appeal to a whole variety of dogs. The rubber structure provides a great surface to chew whilst also avoiding damage to the teeth and gums of your pet.

Many dog owners struggle with keeping their dogs entertained whilst they are out at work or even just popping to the shops. The variety and durability of Mighty Mutts means that your dogs are less likely to grow bored of the toy and keep them entertained for days, weeks, even years.

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