Interpet Aquatics launch new website

Interpet launch new website with everything you’ll need to maintain a healthy, beautiful aquarium.

Interpet’s new site, has been built as a home for all your fish keeping questions. Made with trade and consumers in mind this new website offers a huge variety of resources to make our customer’s fish keeping experiences, simple and successful.

Starting with our Aquariums, we’ve created in depth and interesting multimedia product pages to make sure that every customer can have online support for their purchase. Each product has a breakdown of all the features that come in the box as well as the upgrades to make the aquarium perfect for you. We’ve created online guides for Getting to know, Setting up and Looking after your aquarium which run you through the basics to get your aquarium off to a flying start. If you’d rather print out a product manual then you can do that too, all from the product page.


We’ve produced advice pages to make sure the right fish are kept in the right aquariums. Within every aquarium page you can find out which fish we would recommend with that size aquarium as well as the quantities. This is great for the fish as well as helping decrease the water problems people can get from over stocking.

Alongside written support we have created videos integrated into the product pages. Starting with the Insight Aquarium we have made a series of videos explaining the features and show you how to install upgrades and complete vital maintenance tasks.

We’re incredibly excited for the possibilities this new website is going to create for us. It’s an on-going project which will continue to develop and involve more interactivity and customer feedback.

Our support doesn’t just live on the website either. You can view our videos directly through the Interpet Aquatics YouTube channel or even subscribe to watch them first. Head over to the Interpet Facebook page to join the Interpet community and get exclusive tips straight to your timeline.

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