Blagdon has a great range of easy to install pond equipment with products to suit every pond, garden and budget. Backed up by extreme reliability and great value for money, Blagdon makes it easy for anyone to create and build winning ponds.

You can rely on Blagdon for products for every aspect of your pond, from construction to maintenance.

Visit our website for details on starting and maintaining your pond or water feature and all Blagdon products.

Click below for further details on starting, and caring for a pond.

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Liberty Mains Free Features and Pump
Liberty Mains-Free water features are an attractive range of battery powered, rechargeable water features that can be upgraded to run & charge via a 5w solar panel.
The Liberty Mains Free pump and LED light is created to run fountains or in a pond.






Affinity Living Feature Pools
Blagdon presents the sub-brand, Affinity Living Feature Pools. An instant, complete living water feature kit containing everything you need to set up, and maintain, an attractive small raised pond.




Blagdon Products

Blagdon Pond Construction

A range of easy to use construction products designed specifically to enhance the beauty of your pond in a way only Blagdon knows how

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Blagdon Pumps

With intensive testing of all aspects of pump design, Blagdon has produced a range of pumps ideally suited to the everyday water garden

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Blagdon Filtration, Bio Media & UVC

Guaranteed to keep your pond fresh and healthy, the Blagdon Filtration range helps keep your pond crystal clear

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Blagdon Aeration

Keep your fish fit and healthy by installing air pumps guaranteed to keep your pond oxygenated

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Blagdon Powersafe Pond & Garden Electrics

Use the Powersafe Garden Electrics range to power up your garden whatever the purpose be it lighting or pond filtration

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Blagdon Garden Lighting

Blagdon lighting provides illumination to create a beautiful and inspiring effect

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Blagdon Maintenance – Pond Monsta

Cleaning your pond has never been so easy with the Pond Monsta and Collector from Blagdon

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Blagdon Accessories

Use the Blagdon nets to keep fish safe and prevent foliage entering the pond

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Blagdon Pond Treatments

Making sure the environment is safe for your fish with a range of high quality, reliable treatments from Blagdon.

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